Can I customize my box?

The short answer is mostly no. We keep costs low by pre-packing a hand-picked selection of cuts, and our customers value the simplicity of our ordering process. Boxes are labeled with their contents, so you can sort through at the pickup and select the perfect one. You may customize your box by adding extra ground beef.

How do I know whether I should add on more ground beef?

Each box includes roughly 10 lbs of ground beef in 1-pound packages. You should pre-order extra ground beef if you want any pre-formed patties. You should probably add on more ground beef if your household eats a pound a week or more. Our next boxes won’t be available for another 6 months. So, if you go through a pound a week, you may want to add on 10 to 15 pounds of ground to make it until the next round.

Why aren’t there any roasts in a Steak Out Box? I want roasts!

The Steak Out Box is a seasonal product, optimized for summer grilling and easy quick-cook dinners. We aim to offer a different bundle of cuts, including more roasts and slow-cook cuts, for winter.