Steak Out Box

steak out box

This product fills a niche in the local meat supply chain between buying a single steak and buying a quarter cow. Customers benefit from the quality and value of a bulk purchase, without having to come up with a cut list, call the butcher, or search for extra freezer space.

Product Details

  • Includes 16 to 18 lbs of meat (1/3 assorted steaks, 2/3 ground beef)

  • Boxes may include a few slow-cook cuts (short ribs, beef shank)

  • $150 per box

  • Price includes butchering, packaging, and delivery to a centralized pick-up location

  • Final price and/or weight may vary, depending on the finished size of the animal

  • Customers may add on additional ground beef, with discounts for larger amounts

Ordering & Pick-Up

Supply is limited, so send us a message to reserve your box while supplies last.

Steak Out Box distributions will take place during July and August.

  • On-farm pickup is available in Newfield with flexible scheduling

  • An Ithaca pickup will take place at the Ithaca Meat Locker in Press Bay Alley

  • Distributions may also occur in Cortland and Owego, depending on demand

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